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The 365 ExperienceIn the year of newness comes a change from exclusivity to inclusivity. The 365 Club which reigned for almost 15 years evolves, listening to the call to be of service in a more open and expansive way.

Using this idea, the vision is to share the wisdom of the labyrinth from the sources that know it best in personal and professional manner that can add to individual, group and community experiences, and to discover the vast wealth of resource that lies within our community in ways that develop awareness, education, application and contribution for our community by our community.

Each quarter the topic will shift to focus on the uses, methods, designs, construction and programming, to a name a few concepts, and explore daily ways to know more value about the path of possibilities we call the labyrinth. Daily a message will share the wisdom of our collective understanding for our members and greater society of enthusiasts for the same.

On February 1st the launch of this new beginning will commence for the 2017 Labyrinth year.

Individuals will be able to read messages of from our gathering of wisdom and share information.

Monthly posts will encourage the path on this blog site.

More information available on the Labyrinth Society Website

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