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TLS 365 Experience #19
March 19, 2017

A  labyrinth-related ‘inspiration’ came in the moment of recognition that the pattern of arrangement of the odd and the even numbers in Paracelsus’ (9 x 9) Magic Square of the Moon corresponds precisely to the seed pattern of the classical labyrinth.

Connecting that cognitive insight with the Pythagorean idea that odd numbers are male and the even female, the labyrinth represents, symbolically, the simultaneous functioning of the intelligible principles rest and motion, and, by implication, the principles same and different.

Further investigation by extension into three dimensions yielded the additional revelation that wrapping a series of these 9 x 9 magic squares around a cylinder constitutes a continuous helix when the numbers on the squares are traced in their ‘natural’ order one through eighty-one. From this one can infer the symbolic presence of life in the ‘seed;’ and from the seed the cosmos, also known as the labyrinth.

Today’s Experience Submitted by:
David Gallagher, TLS Founding Member
New York

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