Transitioning Vernal Awareness

TLS 365 Experience #20
March 20, 2017

Gill Park Labyrinth 2009 LAT


As the transitioning of the Vernal Equinox brings light to the North, it conversely balances with darkness to the South in hemispheric regions that divide our seasonal world. The walks of the labyrinth created for this time of change can develop our sense of seasonal integration, noticing our mindset and also that of our bodily reactions.

On the labyrinth we might take the inward walk and discover a gradual sense of seasonal awareness in our mindset by taking note of the things that we shift in relation to lighter/darker visualization and warmer/cooler climate. With each path, consider a simple change we make to adjust to the way we think differently. In the center we can realize the season more fully by noting the gradual shift in our thinking.

As we walk outward, we can ask our mind to relax as our body  begins to notice, accept and gradually appreciate the new season of light and temperament with a path by path migration. Arrive at your ending point as the new beginning that it is;  in seasonal migration with you as the orbiting Earth navigating the stationary source.

Walk in one season, walk out another.


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