There Can Be Joy

TLS 365 Experience #77
May 16, 2017

One would think that an individual who promotes positivity and possibility in their work would be surrounded by it, though the truth is that those who work with this often encounter negativity regularly. It is a necessary part to explore, accept and improve our message.  We remind those who accept stress as a normalcy that there are techniques and choices to explore what we are truly capable of, should we dare to live differently.

I use the labyrinth for my personal introspection, faith and the conversation of hope for my everyday experiences. In this I am not alone and am reminded of the vitality and importance of my work. It reminds me of what I truly believe when I have doubt in the dealings of delivery to others who just need a reminder.

When I offer a walk of joy on the labyrinth, it speaks to the truth of my own doubts and reminders and offers the choice for living our birthright purposefully. It is not a straight shot, rather it is a winding, turning, spiraling that may seem confusing, though beyond that always has a path that provides a way to the center, and no matter what we want to make up about it… the center is always a center.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
AT, Enthusiastic Labyrinth Facilitator

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