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TLS 365 Experience #90
May 29, 2017

My morning was beginning to take on great proportions of inefficiency in time and task. I knew I had to stop and reflect as I was seeming to repeat a great number of steps to get closer to my goal. Just when I was thinking I was almost there, I seemed to be farther away and when I finally surrendered I found I was closer than expected.

Remembering the labyrinth, I realized I had been traveling the it’s path, though quite ineffectively. I stopped to reframe the necessity of my production versus my efforts and understood I didn’t need to use the 12 circuits of the Chartres Design I had been walking. Cutting out a few redundancies, I found a five circuit path would provide me with more time and better reflection.

As I relate things more like a walk on the labyrinth, my five circuits make a lot of sense. They’ve become rich and quality oriented. I see this as my five step program and in each path what is most important is accomplished and when it seems to reverse its pattern with new direction from time to time, I see it is just a moment for review  with checks and balances to realize before moving forward.

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Claire E., Administrator, TLS Member

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