Confusion Can Be a Choice

TLS 365 Experience #95
June 3, 2017

Labyrinth at Westlake

The Labyrinth at Westlake could use some love and tender care.

Set in the small garden adjacent to the hospital, where the grounds are cared for in great consideration, most are unaware of the missing stones and incompleteness of the labyrinth in its current state. To walk it currently is to invite confusion to those aware, yet also of karmic note is the metaphor that may speak of the care status of this small hospital as well.

Offering to help and make the small adjustments was not welcomed by the administration, though the awareness and education have been offered and passed on. I am reminded that while we have a desire to champion the great fix and pave the way for others; there is an order to every disorder and always a great education in that.

Today, I walked away from the confusion and found a new open, inviting and welcome new path.

Today’s Experience submitted:
IE, Labyrinth Designer and Facilitator

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