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TLS 365 Experience #96
June 4, 2017

Community Labyrinth IllinoisI dropped in to take a quick walk on the community labyrinth one afternoon and found a group assembled off to the side.  I couldn’t tell whether they were getting started or just completing, so I ventured over to see if there would be the chance for a walk. I had a question on my mind and thought an outdoor walk would be good for the soul and the curiosity on my mind.

The group was preparing for a walk and gathered monthly for a special reading before they walked and as I approached they invited me to join.  I had not wanted to intrude and simply wanted the solace of silence to quiet my mind, so wasn’t really prepared to join a group in the moment. Their was a gentle kindness in inviting me and a beautiful sense of compassion as a group that made me reconsider and join in.

Wouldn’t you know, the message they had for the world, community and their own hearts opened up my own internal dialogue and on the walk of many I became one with them.  Truly the larger message of this day was in the unity that gave me my answer and opened the door to the community and so much more.

Today’s Experience submitted:
Arlene S., TLS Member, Labyrinth Enthusiast

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