Appreciating The Grass

TLS 365 Experience #97
June 5, 2017

Roscoe Grass LabyrinthSummer is here when you can feel the heat of the temperature on your skin and you find a grass labyrinth to sink your feet into the Earth and experience the blades between your toes.

In between the mowings are the shoots of border grass that have the chance to spring up in collaboration to form an outline for a walk or movement of action on the labyrinth. It is a delight to the natural senses.

In this labyrinth a stone has been placed to mark its center and it’s simplicity makes a lot more room to sit on it or with it and consider the weight of any issue. I like the stone in this because it can also remind of the great rock we stand upon as the Earth too.

Today’s Experience submitted:
A. Roscoe, Labyrinth Facilitator, Earth Enthusiast

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