The Game is On Foot

TLS 365 Experience #100
June 8, 2017

The round stones of the Theosophical Society Labyrinth

The Theosophical Society labyrinth makes me want to play.

The round stones that make up the borders bring the idea of the circle wholly into place. Though with so many laid out next to each other, I always want to hop onto the stones instead of the path. The adult in me stays on the path, though the kid in me is leaping from stone to stone playing the imaginary game that I seem to understand will take me on to an adventure and back again.

I’ve hosted a number of programs at this location, and can’t think why I haven’t yet created a game out of the experience?   I imagine it would be both educational and playful.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
L. Tourloukis, Labyrinth Facilitator,
Life Play & Game Designer

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