Walking with Our Fathers

TLS 365 Experience #110
June 18, 2017
Labyrinth HandThe labyrinth is often called a feminine instrument as it relates to the lunar calendar and the Earth energies, which we know as Mother Earth. It may be what draws so many more women to the labyrinth than men, however it is an invitation always for everyone.

On this day that celebrates the father, the labyrinth is a wonderful tool to invite an honest reflection for father’s worldwide. As the labyrinth can take a point and spiral it inward, giving us different perspective directions to turn into; bringing in the wealth that father’s offer can be a blessing for humanity as we integrate a walk with that reality on this day.

What if on this day, we reflected on the way a father matters, the connection that children of all ages crave with their father and the one that a father really desires with his children. What if in each step we take, we all realize a step we can make to move closer to the father we have known and better wanted to know? What if we understood what it is that they wish? Consider the ways in which we are touched in heart, a physical hug, a pat, or holding a hand. Consider the ways in which we communicate in listening well, speaking what’s true and holding compassion.

May your walk of fathers, be one that changes your world.

Today’s Experience submitted:
A Father

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