A Long Walk

TLS 365 Experience #111
June 19, 2017

The Long Walk It seemed like such a long walk.
I was tired and here to walk the labyrinth with a friend. She asked if I would come with and where I had not walked a labyrinth before, I humored her and came along even though all parts of me longed to be elsewhere.

As I stood by contemplating my turn and waiting for the opening, it seemed like a really long walk that didn’t seem to end anywhere. As my turn came I joined in and stepped into this interesting circle. I looked down mostly to keep my balance and make sure my feet knew where to step and where not too. It became easier when I realized the only thing we had to do was follow the path.  I relaxed and enjoyed the outdoors and soon found my movement lighter and flowing and before long I had reached the center. Not long at all.

Years later I reflect back on that first long walk and my initial interpretation. Where I was resistance, the labyrinth’s turns and patterns relaxed and invited. What seemed so long so many years ago now seems so short… Am I done already?

Today’s Experience submitted:
F.Ritz, Labyrinth Facilitator

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