Creating a Foot Bit

TLS 365 Experience #120
June 28, 2017

A Foot Bit Labyrinth Step DeviceI do not have a Fit Bit device. I am not tracking my steps and while it helps many to create a helpful fitness routine, a woman on the labyrinth who kept looking at hers,  made me think of another way to use it for a mindful experience.

When I have designed labyrinths in the past, I want to know for my own description, how many steps there might be in its design.  Just an interesting piece of trivia that I have enjoyed knowing in all the designs I have created. To figure this out I have had to take many trips to finally arrive at the number; as when I walked I tended to fall into the relaxed mind and lost my track in counting. It was amusing to see how many times I might have to walk the labyrinth to figure out its step count. It created a new awareness of my own ability and an appreciation for a new idea for mindfulness awareness.

I used a reverse process of counting to move into the meditative quality. By asking how many steps I might take before I lose count, I worked towards the message of the labyrinth instead of against it. When I used this technique more in my labyrinth walk,  I find it takes less steps before I drop into the experience than before, so it’s become my own “foot-bit” of mindful fitness.

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LAT, Labyrinth Facilitator and Designer

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