One Step More

TLS 365 Experience #122
June 30, 2017

In a group walk today I was reminded of how we can always take one step more, when we think we cannot. The labyrinth is a wonderful illustrator of the idea of taking things in steps. In this way we don’t have to take on the Herculean leaps in anything we do, small steps will get us there too and with more practicality and with greater reality it seems.

An older woman wasn’t sure she would be able to complete the walk, though as she really wanted to take part, I suggested that there were many ways to walk and asked what she hoped to achieve in her walk. It helped to give her the right suggestion that would be most applicable. She decided just to begin at the beginning and see how far she could go and when it was too much, she would signal me. I could bring a chair so she could rest and then assist where she wished to exit.

I watched as she took her time and made one more step possible. She often paused and reflected and that alone gave me the reminder to hold space and relax. I liked watching her step up her pace at times as a sense of confidence came forth and appreciated how much she did this in a way that appreciated her abilities. Lots to learn from watching! She had a determination and a sense of self preservation that was admirable, and as she was the last to complete, she was cheered in her last part of the journey by the rest of the group. Everyone could see she wanted to make it happen and cheered her on as a result. These are the wonderful moments that really make the sharing of this tool more worthwhile.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
I. Bills, Labyrinth Facilitator

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