Mid Year

TLS 365 Experience #124
July 02, 2017

Mid Year Time PieceOnce a labyrinth has begun, whether walking, building or designing, the beginning is no longer a question or imagination. It has been stepped into and developed. It’s purity has been accessed and it is virgin no more.

Once it has been completed, ended or finalized in design or use, it has been experienced and accomplished. Each component holds its own connection with the individual application and the anticipation and finalization in the experience now have time imprints as in the birth and death of an experience.

The time in the middle is the liminal space in between that often defines the journey.

On this day of mid-year where we reach the center point of the calendar year, we are in that reflection of what we have brought and what we will take away from it. In this 24 hour space of our 8,760 hours in one year, may the moments of our footsteps be noted and remembered for their definition of this day.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
MJT, Labyrinth Journeys

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

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The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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