Wee Hour Walk

TLS 365 Experience #128
July 6, 2017

Up in the middle of the night, it is dark and quiet and a mysterious curious stillness is present.

I step outside and tip toe to the labyrinth, as if my walk would disturb the silence. Lack of sleep wants to speak its peace and express a truth, a direction or an action. It is where the labyrinth will communicate what is caught up in the mind and restore the body in a depth of deep listening.

Stepping in, time disappears.The night holds a luminous liminal capsule to embrace, and in its application there is a blanket of acceptance for the message that awakens me from slumber and the movement that reveals its meaning and returns me again. Perhaps it is a dream and maybe a reality; its wonder is found in this time I infrequently visit and what I absorb while there.  Just as I reach my ending, I am brought back to a new starting point, knowing a little more than before.

The weight of tiredness now apparent tells me I have found resolve and as I tip toe back into the motionless around me and slide back into the covers, I am reminded of my fluid movement of mind and body as I slow them down to once again drift off and away into the path of slumber.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
CMT, Labyrinth Expressionist

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