Natural Sole

TLS 365 Experience #130
July 8, 2017

Walking naturally and with sole appreciationI enjoy feeling connected to the labyrinth in my walk.

I really appreciate the times when a natural meeting of my barefoot being integrates with the path of purpose for the moment. It brings a sense of organic freedom and I notice I move differently than when I walk in shoes.

I seem to feel each step more intimately and integrate the experience with a greater sensory perception. I feel the coolness of the stone and notice the unevenness of the pattern. I become aware of the leaves, twigs and seeds that have become windswept onto the path now with touch, sound and visual encounter.

As I complete my experience, I am reminded of how much more I absorbed, as I attempt to brush away the sand, leaves and particles tucked into the crevices of the labyrinth that have imprinted new patterned indents into my sole.  I can reflect perhaps a little more expansively on the patterns and impressions that have been left upon my soul when I walk in this natural way.

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LAT, Labyrinth Facilitator and Designer

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