When a Walk is just a Walk

TLS 365 Experience #131
July 9, 2017

When you walk the labyrinth a lot, whether for meditation, spiritual practice or just a regular life dedication, there are times when it really does appear that we walk around in circles. I’ve noticed that just because I wanted to create a devoted time to walk and be with myself in this simple way, there are days when nothing special comes up.

I think of these as times where I notice my other distractions more than my inner messages. Many might make that wrong and tell me I am not focused or lack the intention, though what I find is that even in these days of non connection, I am very honestly aware of my disconnection. Where I may have wanted peace, answers or inspiration and I walked out realizing that all I was left with was the wanting, that was a message too.

The non-messages and unsettled experiences to me are the mirrors and metaphors that don’t really need explaining and when they occur, I’ve learned to embrace them equally as I do when everything is flowing and insightful and in this all of my days and ways matter too. In the non-meaning, the word meaning still shows up.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Andy Smitt, Labyrinth Facilitator

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