Walking to Clarity

TLS 365 Experience #135
July 13, 2017

I went to the glass labyrinth today in Kansas City. It was a different application to walk enclosed and even though their was no ceiling and the walls were glass, their was a feeling of being enclosed. It felt maze like in the wondering, as I could see the reflections around me, though it wasn’t always clear where to go until I reached an endpoint. The eyes alone can deceive, though when we just follow the path, the way is quite evident.

Small children were stirring up the energy with their playful adventures running throughout and at one point a young boy ran straight into the glass and fell back. He was stunned at first though got up and continued running only to come to the same point later on and repeated the same experience. When he went around again, he avoided impact successfully.

We were on the same path with our distractions, yet on a path of clarity to resolve them.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
A. Celian, Labyrinth Enthusiast

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