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TLS 365 Experience #137
July 15, 2017

Saint Tatoo and the Labyrinth

At 19 I added a tattoo to the back of my neck to express my Christianity. It spelled out the word Saint. Other spiritual influences that began to take shape in my life afterwards included the labyrinth and I found that when I walk into the labyrinth and into the center of the labyrinth, I find my spiritual center too.  I find that is where I become a saint.

Applying the labyrinth tattoo centers around this core belief and to me reinforces the message of going inward.

I love labyrinths and know that I can connect both sides of myself and integrate my thoughts and feelings.  I love that we can integrate other important natural concepts into our walk of the labyrinth as well and learn in a different way.


Today’s Experience submitted by:
Deandra, Labyrinth Enthusiast

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