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TLS 365 Experience #149
July 27, 2017

The ladies and I decided to enjoy the labyrinth after our tea service and as there was a delightful garden experience where one could meditate or meander to be reminded of the outdoors. We each walked independently feeling a warmth of the sun and a peaceful serenity as I noted each became quiet as if listening intently.

I noticed after the first turn a deepening aroma of roses that had such a wonderful effect. It seemed to lighten my mood and as I walked on, I found myself breathing different to catch that essence of rose as I walked.  As we each completed our walk, everyone felt more at ease and more mindful of breath. Each had remarked taking in the scent of floral, though what was truly interesting was that some smelled the Jasmine, another smelled the Gardenias and another appreciated the lilies.

While we all walked the same path, we each encountered a different aroma that was prevalent. What was different was the aroma and what was common was the scent, the deeper breath and the walk. It seemed a larger message for all of us, though we might take in things differently, we find we have more that we experience the same.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Adele B., Labyrinth Enthusiast

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