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TLS 365 Experience #155
Aug. 2, 2017

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth with Chairs presents no obstacle for the creativeIn France at the Chartres Cathedral, the labyrinth is most always covered with chairs. While I was there for a brief 10 days, I found there was many ways to walk this to accomplish and achieve the most out of what I came for.

One day I walked the turns of  labyris’ that were found in between the rows of chairs on the floor. The labyris is the double axe design and its symbolism is rich in what it means for the labyrinth. In design, it creates the point of turning and moving into the next step. Even this action of turning into and from a different position at various points was a symbolic walk with dedicated intention. Another day I moved from petal to petal in the center point with contemplation and meditation on each and then reversed the pattern.

Another day I was able to move along the lunations on the outer edge considering the walk within. Where I was able to go up to the ceiling, I could follow the path with my eyes looking down below to the design beneath the chairs. Finally there were a few times during the week where a feeling came over and when I walked in, the chairs were being removed for a ceremony or blessing and the invitation to walk freely was granted.  In being able to see past the barriers, the labyrinth was much more open than it was closed and perhaps a message about the labyrinth being more than half full, rather than empty.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Ann Lou, Labyrinth Enthusiast

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