A New Rhythm

TLS 365 Experience #158
Aug. 5, 2017

Many tines in walking the labyrinth I have had thoughts on my mind as I entered. Some were questions of what I wanted to know, others were of people I wanted to pray for or focus a concern for and well wishes. Other times I just wanted to sort things out, and often just to walk and become aware of what occurs in feeling or ideas that emerge. I’ve come to the labyrinth with a busy mind.

On this day, I came to the labyrinth with a chant that I wanted to express and memorize. As I walked I began the verbalization and continued to repeat as I moved into the walk. The chant became fluid the more I moved and by the time I realized the center, there was a rhythm to my walk and the chant. The stillness in the center seemed to capitalize on what was required of the moment and the quiet prevailed. As I walked back out, the chant seemed to be lighter and more relaxed. It wasn’t something I was saying, it was something I was becoming and when reaching my end, I leave the labyrinth grateful, peaceful and knowing.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Uma Avous, Labyrinth Facilitator

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