A Place of Refuge

TLS 365 Experience #160
Aug. 7, 2017

Near the Emergency Room is the labyrinth. There aren’t ever many people on it, though when there are, it is a place of comfort at a time of need.

The waiting in a Waiting Room can be extraordinary at a time of crisis, as it is where time appears to have slowed down while pain and fear increase. The labyrinth can provide a place of refuge, prayer or centering for those who wait and a productive or healthy application of time and energy. It can provide a hopeful opportunity when a helpless feeling prevails. For adults who know or don’t know about what a labyrinth is and come to experience it at a time of pain, it can provide a knowing or surprisingly unknown sense of comfort for the heart and the mind.

I come here from time to time just to walk, as it is near my home and sometimes I sit quietly and respect the walk of others. I find a refuge of comfort, prayer and purpose here and am grateful to the community that supplied it.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Steven Johnston, Labyrinth Enthusiast

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