Tiny Steps

TLS 365 Experience #167
Aug. 14, 2017

Preschool Children on the labyrinth When it comes to children on the labyrinth, their small steps speak volumes of education and entertainment for any who are lucky enough to be in earshot. Sharing an opportunity with our preschool children one afternoon, I was curious to see where their curiosity and natural exploration would lead them.

So I lead them to the labyrinth and asked them to tell me what they saw in looking at the labyrinth. The answers were a priceless collection of ideas. Then I asked them to explore and some ran, some were tentative and still others were remarkably care free. At first they formed a line and wiggled as they walked. Then they began to play a kind of snake game trailing after each other.

The more they moved, the more they became independent and soon there was a mixture of collective movement in independent style. I marveled at watching how they interacted with the labyrinth in their own way and how these little tiny beings took steps to explore every inch and make it their playground of discovery.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
J. Friedman, Educator, Labyrinth Enthusiast

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