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TLS 365 Experience #169
Aug. 16, 2017

I love my kids and am generally a fun spirited parent, though this was one of those days when I had drawn the last of my patience and knew I was in great need of some alone time and unable to time myself out, so I took the kids to the park.

They generally want to engage me or be acknowledged as they play, though on this day I really just wanted them to play without need of my participation. I thought I would walk the labyrinth while they played on the swings and the slide next to it, though they seemed to find a sudden interest in the labyrinth and were already racing though it.

Rather than completely give into despair, I called them back and ask them to consider how many ways we could walk a labyrinth and challenged them to walk in one way and out another and then to continue with new and different ways until they could not find any more. As we all began to walk, I found my stride in a comfortable way appreciating my own walk as they sped by me with there own intentions lost in the challenge.

I began my walk and instead of the quiet reflection I thought I would focus upon, I found myself considering walking sideways, backward, singing and skipping. I walked along and more thoughts popped up in a similar pattern and as amused as I found it, my patience had shifted and my amusement grew. Watching my daughter attempt to summersault her way around the labyrinth and my son making faces throughout made me laugh and become just as inventive. Grateful for the shift and focus on fun.

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LAT, Labyrinth Facilitator

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