Weed Walking

TLS 365 Experience #171
Aug. 18, 2017

The labyrinth near me is not old, but older. It has weeds now that the warmer weather has come and there are a few rocks missing. Often there is something kicked out of place, so I know it is used, though not as well cared for. I never thought much about its condition, just that it was older, though now that the weeds have sprung up it appears there is no regular maintenance as I haven’t seen anyone in months.

I decided to simply care for it a little more each day when I came to walk, so began with the outer circle weeding half of it walking in and half walking out. The next time I worked on the next circle inward and the following week the next. By the time I had weeded to the center, still no one had come and some of the outer areas were beginning to grow back. I realized that this might be my simple ministry of weeding and walking and with regularity it could serve others as it served me to bring up ideas that I would like to release.

As the thought occurred, it seemed the whole nature of the walk was to become weedless, releasing any thought or distraction that occurred in my experience and just be with the experience.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
J. Bass, Labyrinth Enthusiast

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