Perspective on Perspective

TLS 365 Experience #182
Aug. 29, 2017

Years ago I realized that I think in the style of the labyrinths.

I aimlessly doodle when I am attempting to figure things out and in doing so a meander falls onto the path of my paper and it winds around going back and forth and hits a central point before moving out again. A meander generally weaves in and out, though when my mind is working on something, there is a point I return to again and again. On paper I realized that I moved away from the point where I begin and yet again time after time as if in an endless loop I return bringing something new to consider inward until I am satisfied or realize the value of the point I was after.

I never really noticed this until I walked the labyrinth. It was as if my doodle became life sized and larger enough to see it all from a different vantage point. It appears to use perspective to create more perspective.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
L.P., Creative Endeavors, Labyrinth Facilitator

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