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TLS 365 Experience #258
November 13, 2017

We might never know who we affect when we share the stories and experiences of the labyrinth and it isn’t really important to know, more to share and grow in what we know by doing so. Sometimes, we do get a glimpse of the difference it makes when we share.

A client who was curious about the labyrinth, met me on a quiet local labyrinth and found that was where she wanted to grow in our time together, so we met regularly and used the labyrinth in our understanding as its location offered a place of refuge where we were undisturbed. Over the time together, many ideas were raised and issues resolved. I could see how the results of the walks played into our sessions regularly. As she moved successfully into her own steps in life, guided by her own resilience and understanding, I would receive messages from time to time about success moments, though not much about the labyrinth or if she still used it.

So it was both surprising and delightful to hear from her in depth, learning how she had enjoyed the labyrinth in our sessions but fallen away from regular use in her daily life. It wasn’t until she began writing and fell into a slump that she remembered one of our technique’s and by using it, found herself back out on the labyrinth. As she walked, the last three chapters for her book were revealed. Even greater,  she realized now the depth of some of our earlier work and how the labyrinth was much more than a tool for coping and has since found inspiration a way to walk.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
G. Cassidy, Life Coach, Labyrinth Facilitator

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