Mirrored Effect

TLS 365 Experience #270
November 25, 2017

There are times when I used to think that I could not do one more thing. Life can get pretty overwhelming and whether it is in all the things to do and complete, or in all the things I need to be, it just felt like there was no point in going further. It is when I learned to step back and evaluate what I am doing and whether it is worth it, that it became the first step all over again. Either I walked away from what wasn’t necessary or purposeful or walk toward what I began with a new appreciation.

I realized this one day on the labyrinth as I kept finding distraction and losing the path. I started over a number of times before realizing that I did not need to start from the beginning. That made me realize I could start from where I was at and go where I wanted..or not even go at all.

It was no surprise to me to see my kids in this quandry in figuring out homework, projects or just doing something they thought they wanted to do. When I began to change my direction, so did they. Of the things I learn on the labyrinth, this one opened up the gift of a mirror.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Georgia, Labyrinth Facilitator

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