A Slightly Different Path

TLS 365 Experience #297
December 22, 2017

Taking A Slightly Different Path

Visiting family, and up early,  a long walk seemed just the ticket to soothe the stiffness of the long drive the day before. Walking through the woods and onto a clearing, I could really appreciated being present in nature’s new blanket of snow just beginning to fall.

Taking a slightly different path on the way back, I found myself on the grounds of an old abandoned property that looked as if it had been something grand at one time. An intuitive feeling led me behind one of the buildings and what a surprise to find a labyrinth.

I later found this was still used by the community, though at the moment I was the only one present. Where all was still and silent, I stepped onto the labyrinth with much gratitude rising.  The sounds in the silence of the crisp morning were alive with crunch and whistle as the soft breeze of cool air was just enough to appreciate this tucked away treasure.

To think I would have missed this if I took the same walk back, only makes me more glad I didn’t.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
H. Stuart, Labyrinth Facilitator

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