The Last Walk

TLS 365 Experience #306
December 31, 2017

When my children were young, we used to laugh about the last time we would be experiencing things on the last day of the year. It would begin with…”this is the last time I will…” and then we would break up in giggles. This went on all day long and it never ceased to be funny. It gave me an idea of how to lighten the year’s review with the last opportunities on the walk to be hosted on New Year’s Eve.

Explaining the concept of lasts to our participants in the candlelight walk, We walked the 12 paths with a 12 month review appreciating having had the experiences and gratitude for this last moment of thanks.  People lit their candles from others support resembling that which was present in support for the year. Each left something of the year in the center to leave behind and an engaged stone with a message to take into the new year. It was a walk full of good emotion and a few tears.  In the center we brought our candles together for a beautiful lighting and light hearted blessing for world peace, love and joy.

Wishing all of our 365 Experience Enthusiasts a year of prosperity in health, wealth and blissful new beginnings.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
L.Tourloukis, TLS 365 Experience Coordinator
Nevada and Illinois

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The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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