2019: Walk the World

the 2019 365 Experience Labyrinth Image and Design by theAmusedMuse.com


The labyrinth is a beacon that resembles a way through. We walk into it in one way and out another through a spiraling path that leads us to explore the hemispheres of our right and left brain functions while we learn and reflect about how it’s message contributes to ourselves and those we engage with.

In the year of 2019, learning the steps in which we create, use and are a contribution become a message to explore in daily steps. We will focus with an annual theme of contribution and discover many meanings that relate to our purpose. We will invite four quarterly functions to expand how we learn and engage in monthly focus of our daily steps in twelve monthly opportunities all year.

Each day, receive a question and a shared experience from another who has contributed their wisdom learned through walking, building, designing, program development, teaching, artistry, education, and more. To walk the world, walk in different ways thoughout the year with us and contribute the wisdom you have learned. Whether you have written a book, designed an artistic labyrinth, or just enthusiastically walked and discovered, your experience is a worthy contribution to add and create 365 Experiences this year.


A guideline to follow that can be helpful is to follow the way of our daily 365 Experiences in exploring and contributing what our footsteps on the path bring:

1st Quarter (Jan-Mar): Awareness

Discover this year as new and in the aspect of contribution, what new insights, discoveries and experiences do you become aware of? What becomes present, what is no longer a reality? It is a step by step adventure into what our walking reveals about ourselves, our questions, our connections and our world.
  January: Beginnings – Become aware of how your contributions begin
      February: Love – Realize what you love to contribute
      March: Change: Recognize how your contributions change things

2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun): Education
What brings us better use of the information we discover is in our education. Learning through our process of steps, questioning what is unfamiliar and exploring the realms of what else is possible for the walking we do and our relationship with the labyrinth. Use this quarter to educate ourselves noticing the contributions that emerge, for our own perspective, for those designs we create, for those we share experiences with and for the greater sense of what comes from the labyrinth overall.
April: TBA
      May: TBA
      June: TBA

3rd Quarter (Jul – Sep): Application
The phase that moves us from just knowing from a cognitive approach, into one that is more experientially beneficial in the wisdom oriented, is found in the application process. It is our intelligence that talks and understands, though it is our genius and undiscovered abilities that arises when we apply what we talk about. When we  practice and discover a deeper sense and expansiveness to what we know, we evolve our education into something purposeful for ourselves, for our creations and for the way we share with others.
  July TBA
      August: TBA
      September: TBA

4th Quarter (Oct – Dec): Contribution
Completeness is found when we share the gifts and abilities we have discovered. It is our life’s purpose to share our insights, inspirations and innovations. Whether a designer, facilitator, educator or enthusiast, we have this awareness, education and applied wisdom to expand  appreciation of the labyrinth and a uniqueness about us in how and what we offer that contributes to the value, well being and evolution of the labyrinth and its potential.
  October TBA
      November: TBA
      December: TBA

Engage in our daily walking concept based on the month and quarterly focus.
Realize how it evolves your sense of contribution toward self and for others.
Share your experience to assist others, grow deeper, and add to our annual volume.

Join us for Walk the World Dialogues on the first Sunday of each month at 8amPST.

The FIRST SUNDAY of each month at 8AM PST
ZOOM      ( 9am MST • 10am CST • 11am EST )

Four Ways to Join us: 
1. Join the Discussion online:  https://zoom.us/j/639384214

2. Join the Discussion via phone: US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 639 384 214

3. iPhone one-tap :US: +16468769923,,639384214# or +16699006833,,639384214#

4. For International numbers 


Evolve with us, affect others, engage with the world and observe the effect!

Questions? 365Experience@labyrinthsociety.org
Contributions: www.labyrinthsociety.org

Wishing you much in creativity, questions, curiosity and inspiration!
Lynda Tourloukis
TLS 365 Experience Coordinator



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