Heart Within Heart

Day 57: February 25
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Awareness
In The Month of: Love

A new friend and I have realized our similarities in the area of caregiving. She lovingly cares for her husband who’s care requires regular attention from a paralyzing stroke as I care for an aging mother with mobility issues and cancer. Each of us has worked in the field of relationships, though nothing really prepares one for the relationship of caregiving and the new role of love that is discovered. It is one that in its experience allows us to grow richer, especially during the times when we might rather not.  We encounter things we would have never considered and open ourselves to both the highs and lows of wellness. The vast range of emotion and experience fall between the moments of patience and urgency and at the end of the day, we both agree that we are better off having been a part. It is a blessing to both know, assist and receive from another who walks a similar path.

We had opportunity to spend a little time together today and walked the path of a nearby labyrinth. She was familiar though appreciated the new perspectives in walking and how it might relate to caregiving for both our patients and our patience in the walks of love we could create. It’s a lot like the labyrinth as when we walk in the reflection, we see more of what is and less of what isn’t. It is the heart within the heart that reveals itself as we journey and in that, there is a lot to consider, appreciate and love. Designing this labyrinth today took on this theme of the hearts within the heart that are realized with perspective.


A suggestion to walk with:

On this 57th day…
Walk within your own heart today, step in and keep going and growing.


February’s Focus

As it is the second month of the year, enjoy two opportunities… discovery and realization.

  1. Discover your Love capacity:
    This month’s 28 days will focus on how we are loving the moments we are creating. Learning to be “in love” with our focus, it expands who we are beyond the partnered relational aspects and into the focus of loving what we offer the world, who we are in community, relating at a higher level to everything and everyone; and most significantly,  elevating the relationship we have with ourselves. Prepare for a wonderful experience of exercising the power of love with the freedom of honesty to realize a greater look at possibilities and potential n a delightful way. Discover how capable you are!

2. Realize synchronous evidence:
Inspired by the variety of heart shaped labyrinths, this month capture your experiences with images of the heart. Be on the look out for where the synchronicity of the moments where your heart is in focus and then look around to see where you can find the shape of a heart in symbol. Your awareness will expand and you just might be surprised to find that when we look with an open heart, we can find it in reference near by. It does require a bit of imagination, though the findings are wonderfully worth it. Share all the heart shaped labyrinth images you find with images, links or comments and I will be happy to post the images and moments.

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