364 Unbirthdays

Day 146: May 26
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Education
In The Month of: Celebration

The labyrinth among birthday aftermathAfter the annual pilgrimage of another year sets in, what does the next day look like? There is much in celebration and anticipation that arrives with any impending event, though when the event has made its arrival and completes, where do we find ourselves in the emergence of a new voyage? It reflects an altogether different kind of realization, appreciation and celebration.

In our annual trip around the Sun, we move from a single step at the beginning and encounter a wide variety of experiences in our journey to the center of the labyrinth. Similarly our reverse path can be seen as a half year point, the shadow side of our walk, or even the inner experience to name a few of the many ways we might interpret our walk to full circle completion. It is the wisdom of those 364 different journeys that we do the living and the one day in which we give attention to appreciating those steps. The Unbirthday is the walk of awareness, education, application and contributions that make the birthday fully what it is.  For that one singular sensation that we give much attention to, much goes into making it so and when we stop to consider value in the Unbirthday, we can find a richness in the realization of how much it carries.

This double labyrinth design allows for many opportunities, though in the land of the Unbirthday, one could walk one side remembering the promise and messages of the birthday and then take that into the other side of each day of the unbirthday to keep a focus, dream or goal of the birthday. 


On this 146th day…
Celebrate the new freshness of your first step today and let it be a great realization of how the others are placed to make it count.


The Month of Celebration, Appreciation and Realization

May’s Focus: Celebration

Life is a celebration to explore in the next 31 days. With the idea of walking the labyrinth and its tri-focus on releasing, receiving and reflecting, let’s shift the perspective to one that walks in with appreciation, finds the honest realization from each day and walks out in celebration.  Observe what 31 days of this focus might reflect and how it elevates our life condition.

Four focus points to expand your celebration of this month’s experience:

  1. Share your ideas, in your personal experiences, how you share the labyrinth with others, art, design or method of construction or in other ways that it may be utilized. Let others know about this daily experience and opportunity by sharing it. Find us on this blog and on the Labyrinth Societies Facebook page
  2. Join our Mid Month Dialogues on May 15th at 2pm CST for a lively look at what you have created and will create in the idea of celebration. This month’s theme was a direct result of our last month’s Mid Month Dialogue!
  3. Participate in the daily opportunity of this educational focus of  your personal journey, how you lead, teach or share with others, and what you create for contribution or purpose with this theme.
  4. Remember that our theme is about finding our greater capacities, abilities and true realities in being honest with our potential. We focus on what we can do as it is inherently more useful and productive.
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