Welcome June

Day 152:  June 1
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Education
In The Month of: Exploration

Sand Designs by Denny Dyke

Photo Credits Artist Denny Dyke, Oregon

Welcome the Joy of June! We begin to find ourselves nearing the middle of the year in this month’s arrival and in our year long program of exploration and celebration of our abilities, June offers us a chance to recognize ourselves in the world of labyrinths. This month we become global in our pursuits on the path of possibilities and explore the labyrinths of the world that move past the traditional and explore the fullness of their design capacity.  Your opportunity is to join in with sharing the natural, inspired and differently designed labyrinths of the world.whatJune

Whether it is in the programming you offer for education, the design you build to provide insight, the artistry you create to share perspective or the unique ways in which you walk or connect to embrace an experience, how might those unique differences speak to your journey and yourself in the year that lives more honestly in who we truly are?


June 1st – Global to Local: 

Today’s design comes from the Oregon coast where artist Denny Dyke makes a composite of symbols and designs of the labyrinth into one walking experience. The wonder is in the artist who simply puts together the things that are important and combines the pieces to make one whole experience. Today discover how can you make more out of more labyrinths. I’ve often put together many labyrinths for one experience so can relate to this Artist and appreciate the reminder to be barefoot into the goodness of what nature provides. Where you don’t have a beach, you might have a sandbox or a box for sand and finger designs.

On this 152nd day…
Explore an idea of an area of your life this month where you would like to get out of the box of conformity.


June Banner 2018 TLS 365 Experience World Wide Wonder

Welcome June

Our exploration this month is to discover the World Wide Wow in the unique and innovative labyrinth designs world wide that inspire us to move beyond the everyday and give us a larger labyrinthic look at what our path can truly provide. From the idea of living outside your box to simply doing something different everyday, allow this journey of June to educate you and your relationship to life with the labyrinth. We’e taking a global course in Labyrinthing!

  1. Get Global….Explore the World
    Investigate the world wonders of labyrinth design that are unique and different. From the permanent structures that are built to the canvas portable unique designs or the finger labyrinths that inspire a different walk, share the images at the 365 Experience on the TLS website and provide some detail and share your thoughts. Note how these designs are  outside the box of traditional design and how they might take us outside the design we’ve been living in.  They can be quite diverse or small simple adjustments that make it different too.
  2. Act Local…. Bring the World to you
    Let your walks, programs, designs, creations and simple enthusiasm be inspired by what the world offers us with fresh ways to create new experiences in the 30 days of this month. If it is doing something different each day, walking a new labyrinth, designing, researching or some new way to share, do it then share it with us! By becoming acquainted with the unique labyrinths of the world, we can be inspired as to why they are different, how they serve and what they offer on the same path we walk on in our home or local community area.
  3. Join the online  Mid Month Dialogues Call on Friday June 15th at 2pmPST
    Be curious, research and share what you know of unique world labyrinths in the first half of the month and apply something that you find unique to your own life walk. Join us on the Mid Month Dialogues to share what you discovered, ask questions and hear from others about what they explored and discovered. Be inspired with an insight to complete the month with and make June a true world Journey.  Call connection Information
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