The H Pathway

Day 306  November 2
In The Year of Honest Living
In The Quarter of: Contribution
In The Month of: Grateful Pathways

The H Path

The Letter H as a Labyrinth by

H is the second letter in the word of thanks, so today enjoy a second helping of gratitude. Standing as a labyrinth itself in this design, you can enjoy its simple trail of sloping lines or walk any labyrinth with the idea of gratitude and the expression of it. Let the bottom of the H become your centering.

H is a pathway for Helping

Help others to know and navigate the path with your assistance, education or insights. Helping naturally elevates the expression of thanks for the helped and the helper. Walk into the labyrinth in the the ways you have been helped and walk out with the ways you have helped others. It naturally brings a desire to thank, raising the essence of our gratitude in a simple walk.

A Few H Words to consider to raise the expression of Thanks:
Take a walk around the labyrinth of your choice today with the thanks in mind and consider how these seven words that begin with H might assist you in the way they convey thanks. Use one on each circuit of a seven path labyrinth and walk mindful of the way they serve and the thanks they naturally bring.

Honor is an esteemed place where gratitude is known, enough thanks and we honor the essential nature of gratitude more fully.

Having might also feel an abundant and expressive of thanks. Having is a general indicator of being in the possession of something and when we are, we often extend our thank you.

Happiness can bring a sense of gratitude forward by the jubilant feeling presented in being happy. We say thank you more when we are happy.

Heart focused is a place that aligns with gratitude as when our heart is of concern, focused and centered, thanks is not far away.

Healthy is something we are all grateful for, as with our health we can do more and better. It is reason enough for great thanks.

Humility is a great source of uncommon peaceful presence in the face of great experiences. It is a place for a heart full of thanks.

Heroes play a role in shaping our lives as we follow those we respect, admire and hold gratitude for. Our heroes big or small hold our thanks given in showers.


Daily Insights : On this 306th day…
Consider those you honor, heroes, who have healthy humility and heart and you will know a happy walk of thanks in this day. As you walk in with these, see yourself as these on the walk back out… and know greater thanks.

November’s Focus

Banner Image of Grateful Pathways for November 365 Experiences

Week One Focus:THANKS

In discovering the elements of gratitude, THANKS is an expression we use to communicate our sense of what we hold gratitude for. Explore the ways Thanks is communicated this week on the labyrinth in daily walks, group facilitation, program creation, offerings, artwork, illustration and design, building canvas or permanent designs, books written or poetry created. However you find thanks as the path, on the path or of the path you are on… how do you express it? Here are a few ways to consider your expression:

    • Personal: consider the ways of your own personal adventures and use.
    • Associations: contemplate the ways of use with friends, family, and relationships or other acquaintances.
    • Environs: realize the community uses, organizations, landscapes encountered.
    • Global: imagine the ways that what you do reaches others in the world environs.

Share and become part of Labyrinth History..

Consider the topic with the ways you currently use the labyrinth for self or sharing with others:

• Personal Walk
• Group Walk, Program, Workshop, Education, etc.
• Designs, Artwork, illustrations, photos of labyrinth you walked, etc.
• Building concepts, tips, techniques, design ideas, etc.
• Personal Development, Guidance, Growth orientation, etc
• Writing, poetry, creations, installations, etc.
• Learn something new about yourself, others or the labyrinth this month.



Mid Month Dialogues November 15thJoin the -NEXT -Mid Month Dialogues
November 15th

Be curious, join the conversation and share your experiences of the first two weeks in the month of thanks and appreciative gratitude.

Join us on the Mid Month Dialogues to share what you have discovered in the first half of the month, ask questions and hear from others about what they explored and discovered. Be inspired with a greater appreciation of what may bring morel insight into the second half of the month with a labyrinth connection and a greater perspective in our year of living honestly.

 Call connection Information

Share your Ideas, images, designs and add to the wisdom of the Labyrinth Society

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