Happy Wishes for 2019!

the 2019 365 Experience Labyrinth Image and Design by theAmusedMuse.com

The TLS 365 Experience begins 2019 with a walking year of becoming aware of the ways in which we are a contribution, how we can learn more and why we become more when we share, add, give or contribute. There is much to appreciate in ourselves and our world when we become part of the experience.

Having created the slogan “Let’s walk the world as one” for World Labyrinth Day many years ago, to appreciate contribution, we might appreciate ourselves and others more as we spend 2019 exploring being a part of the walking ways of the world. 

Our experience includes:

Quarterly Themes of Awareness • Education • Application • Contribution
Monthly Topics to enhance the annual objective
Daily Experiences to embrace, experience, evolve and enjoy

Exploring Contribution can include:

Finding a Walking Buddy from around the world
Becoming part of a world project with the labyrinth
Creating a collective of labyrinths, designs and or community
This… can be an exhaustive list of ways to become a part of something

Become part of the Daily Wisdom

  1. Walk with the Contributed focus from the Wisdom of Others who walk
  2. Contribute something from your experience to keep the program going
  3. Partner, collaborate, grow, build and add to the world this year.
    • If you put it on Facebook, it will be appreciated as part of this collective wisdom. words, art, poems, expressions, programs, designs, tips, techniques, and more are ways to share your experiences. We all have experiences.
    • Realize how much more you learn, grow and become as a contributor
    • Just when you think you can’t, this experience shows what is possible.
    • Become part of something bigger, as an archival legacy of labyrinths
    • Share, add, give, offer, teach, facilitate, contribute are all words of growth.

The experience is simple and begins today with your walk, experience and sharing. It is surprising how many want there sharing to be perfect, lose that idea and realize that every walk is what it is, each offers us something and every sharing is valuable and greatly appreciated for its unique wisdom.

The 365 Experience will be posted in the next week on the website, though daily an idea will be prompted in this daily blog. Get Excited!


day one 2019 imageJanuary 1

Walk with the idea today of the 364 other days that will follow. Consider what you might gain from a world walking buddy, being part of a world project, participating with others and what wisdom each might bring.

Walk with it • Share your experience


Looking forward to another year of fantastic experiences. Realize if each shared only once this year, there would be quite a lot of wisdom to learn from in how, why, what, where, with who and when we use and appreciate the labyrinth!

Lynda Tourloukis
Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and questions. I look forward to cheering your experiences!
Lynda Tourloukis
365 Experience Coordinator and Designer
Questions:   365Experience@labyrinthsociety.org

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