On the Spot

Day 24

January 24, 2019
Month of Beginnings
Quarter of Consciousness
Let’s Walk the World, a focus of contribution

  1. For Your Walk:
    What if you had to create a labyrinth on the spot, what would you use, how would you design it and why a specific design? Walk your original design into the walk of today.
  2. For Your Experience: 
    Notice the elements you added to your experience, what did you walk away with?
  3. Share:   Share your message
    When we collectively offer the ways to begin, someone sees a new idea, thought or experience to enjoy. Today, share images, art, ideas, designs, tips, facilitations, building strategies, ideas from your book, poems, teachings, etc.

Today’s Experience:

image of labyrinth design used in colorsHaving an opportunity to present a labyrinth on the fly to a group, the question that arose became about the materials to develop it with quickly. Finding what was available in a pile of cloth material, the path began to form as the idea for it’s design was imagined. Being able to tear it into lengths and tie them together formed a continuous strand. Once the length of material was connected, the path was laid out with ease  in just a few minutes.  The adjustment and alignment took an extra 10 minutes before the walk began.

With questions from the group that had already been put into place before the group took a short break, the design came together in what seemed an effortless experience. Everything moved into place in the right way at the right time. What was interesting was how the process we used in creation to completion seemed to have been adopted in the discussion that followed quite naturally.

Some times the labyrinth sets the tone and other times it just allows us to realize what we already know and organize it in a way that we can understand.

Shared by:
365 Experience Coordinator

Image by: http://www.TheAmusedMuse.com


January 2019 banner image

January: A Month of Beginnings

With a focus on sharing this month and the ways we set up our plans to the actual way we place our first step, beginnings can offer us a way to realize our outcomes.

  1.  Explore what beginning is like for you, personally or professionally in all you do.
  2.  Observe yourself in this first quarter of the year as a contribution.
  3.  Walk, design, teach, build, express yourself in sharing an experience this month.
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