Walk of Love

Day 32

February 1, 2019
Month of Love
Quarter of Consciousness
Let’s Walk the World, a focus of contribution

  1. For Your Walk:
    Do a love meditation with love as the focus before you begin your walk and after you complete it.
  2. For Your Experience: 
    Observe the ways in which you walk, notice, energize, and experience the affects.
  3. Share:   Share your message
    When we collectively offer the ways to begin, someone sees a new idea, thought or experience to enjoy. Today, share images, art, ideas, designs, tips, facilitations, building strategies, ideas from your book, poems, teachings, etc.

Today’s Experience:

the heart of the tree labyrinth design by theamusedmuse.comIf we are to walk the world with others, a look at love is a worthy walk to begin the month. It deepens our capacity to expand and extend ourselves into the wide sea of possibilities where love is concerned. There is love of what we do, who we are and why we do it to consider outside of our love for one another. There is love of our environment, our world and those who contribute along with us to make it a healthier and happier habitation.

The walk of the first of the month is always a great love in the magical qualities of the newness it creates. After a month of developing beginnings, the walk of love may be reflective and at the same time offer a direction the heart can happily follow. Light hearted steps become a way of the mornings experience. Curving and finding the outer edges of each path’s dimension. Somehow the uplifting of love energizes the center as if to step into the beating heart of the pulse of the world, all the while realizing the significance of the world’s pulse and my own.

Walking over to the great tree on the path away from the labyrinth, a reminder that the heart of this tree was found last year in the center of its structure and this design was inspired to place in its heart shaped opening.  It was an inspired discovery that inspired another discovery and today was a reflective remembrance that inspires a larger walk of love when shared with a visiting friend.

Shared by:
Lynda Tourloukis
365 Experience Coordinator

Image by: TheAmusedMuse.com


image of the February 2019 Banner of Love for the TLS 365 Experience by LTourloukis

February: A Month of Love

If we are going to collaborate, contribute and care in a mutually beneficial way, it reasons that a month of love tucked into our year would bring out what we love, why we love it, how we love it, when we do and where we might focus that energy.  In this month the contributions you become aware of can be shared to walk in the steps of what calls our heart to action. As we walk toward walking the world with others, taking steps to realize our own relationship with love will assist us in how and what we are, what we offer and what we contribute.

  1.  Explore steps of love in simple walks personally or professionally in the days of this magical month.
  2.  Become aware of the things you love, the people and what becomes relative when love is the focus.
  3.  Walk, design, teach, build, and share the love expressed in sharing an experience this month of current experiences or past that are related to the focus of love.
  4. This experience moves forward because of your sharing and caring, thank you!
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