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October’s Walk

Fall Walk of the LabyrinthThe fall presents a reflection and a change of seasons into the final quarter of the year. It initiates the final steps of the last three months of the year and offers an opportunity to explore how we end things. This becomes an opportunity to observe the ways we meet any endings, hurried, anticipating, or even enthusiastic, they are our endings.

The Annual Gathering of the Labyrinth Society offers a final step of reflection to many who attend or participate from afar. Its theme offers us a way to explore a journey to the heart this year and apply it in perspective of our labyrinth walk. Traveling to a place of destination in the center, and again from our center to a new destination, we are always moving toward what our heart holds in value.

Of the three focus points of this year’s theme, the first is about making connections. Spend the days of October exploring the ways that you make a connection with the labyrinth and how it furthers all other connections. Walk once this month, or every day, the learning can grow in each step.

You may wish to break each week down with a suggestion to observe the following:

Week One: Walk to observe all of the ways you physically make a connection with the labyrinth.
Taking steps, drawing, teaching, sharing, designing, building, or artistic expression… what physically connects you? Consider the ways you physically use the labyrinth.

Share your experience and add to the Labyrinth Society’s archival wisdom.

Week Two: Walk and relate to the ways you use the labyrinth with others. What connections are made to the labyrinth and to others? Notice how your connection helps you to connect to your expression and how you convey the experience. How can that help another?

Add the wisdom of your experience to develop our 2020 Program.

Week Three: Walk to explore the ways you make a connection with beginnings and endings. Consider what others ask you about how to begin or end, realize the rituals that are important, and appreciate the wisdom of your patterns.

Contribute your insights to add to the walk and education of others.

Week Four: Walk to realize the ways that the labyrinth connects people, communities, and nature. Be an observer this week in the moment and of past reflections from the year. As you walk, recognize the many connections the labyrinth has provided in bringing people to peace, each other, nature, presence, or to a point of a solution.

Help the education of the labyrinth to grow with your insights.

May your walk of connection be contemplative and resourceful to realize the great variety of ways and walks any of us can create. Your contributive thoughts help others to know and grow with the labyrinth more insightfully. There are endless ways to discover, your thoughts are welcomed in building our 2020 year of walking.

As the month closes, consider the weeks of walking that offered a way to realize the variety of connections that end up becoming a journey of the heart.

Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?
Lynda Tourloukis
365 Experience Coordinator

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