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November’s Walk

Girl Scout Labyrinth in Park Ridge

The Park Ridge Girl Scout Labyrinth

The month of giving and thanks arrive to herald our walks for November. Continuing with the Annual Gathering theme of taking a journey to the heart, the second focus of building community will provide a way to notice in the walks of November, all the ways that we create while we travel to our heart destination.

Bring in the heartfelt gratitude of this month as you step onto the path and in each week, take in what is built as a result of the many ways we use and apply the labyrinth in our lives.

Suggestions for the month are divided into four weekly considerations:

Week One: Walk to appreciate the many communities you belong to. How do you apply the labyrinth to interact with those communities?  Take note of the ways the labyrinth helps to make a change personally to connect more personably with others. Notice how it helps others to come together.

Tell us about those experiences and help more to understand the labyrinth

Week Two: Walk to become aware of the communities that surround you that aid and assist you or your family. We often don’t think of the communities we are unaware of that have an indirect impact on us. How does knowing about them build a larger sense of community for all? How does it become a heart journey?

Let us know about the community the labyrinth builds and help others to consider this too.

Week Three: Walk to recognize the global communities, their structure, and their purpose. How do they impact us personally, our families, friends, and local efforts? How do we affect the world with our offerings, walks, teachings, designs, expressions, and programs?

Help to build the communities with your insights, wisdom, and experiences with the labyrinth.

Week Four: Walk with the Labyrinth Society in mind. Consider the ways it builds community, how you add to it and what you are able to take away from being a part of it. What are you grateful for?

Generously provide us with your perspectives of this community and why its better with you in it.

Thank you for your helpful thoughts and wisdom. Each expression, sharting and experience helps to define and explain the labyrinth to the world. Your experiences this month can offer an overview of how the labyrinth builds community and what it needs from you to do so. The world is a bigger place when we realize how important are small efforts make a difference. The many ways you use, apply and create experiences with the labyrinth provide much in its definition to others.

May the building of community for you in the weeks of this month offer reflective realizations of how each creates a journey to the heart.

Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?
Lynda Tourloukis
365 Experience Coordinator

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