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December’s Walk

Image of people walking on the labyrinthIn the final month of this tumultuously changing year of 2019, we come to the final steps in the month of December. Learning more about the journey to the heart through the making of connections and building of communities in the variety that has been explored, the final focus is to contemplate the common ground.

What we walk upon in steps individually, can become the common ground underneath our feet and in our hearts. Discovering the journey to the heart in this month will be full of evidence from the ways it comes from our common threads.

Walk the weeks of December with these weekly suggestions to discover the nuances of common ground and its journey to your heart.

Use these suggestions to creatively enhance your experiences:

Week One: Consider the idea of what creates grounding and how experiences become better when we do.
How are we grounded by the labyrinth and how does it ground all who walk?

Offer the ways you ground, and what you suggest for others.

Week Two: How does the labyrinth become common ground during a walk? How does it become a place of unity for a community?

What do you add in your art, walks, programs, labyrinth designs to create common ground?

Week Three: What natural elements affect the point of coming to common ground with the labyrinth? How do individuals find a sense of natural or nature on the labyrinth? How does that create a journey to the heart? Why does it make a difference?

How do you encourage the natural elements to be a part of your personal or program experiences?

Week Four: When do you realize that a place of common ground has been reached? What do you do to honor this sacred space? In what ways does it offer a journey to the heart?

Tell us how you know that the journey to the heart has been reached. What do you do to honor this?


Thank you for taking the time to walk and express how the labyrinth makes a difference for yourself and others and how you make a difference with it. More will know and understand the subtleties of the labyrinth with the simple thoughts you add or the in-depth suggestions and instruction you provide. Walk each day or once a month. Whatever you December provides, find a sense of common ground and realize why it is significant to appreciating and understanding the labyrinth and a journey to the heart.

Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?
Lynda Tourloukis
365 Experience Coordinator


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