2020 Monthly Themes


Each month the new theme will be posted here to review and explore for a more enhanced understanding, appreciation, and sharing of the labyrinth this year that learns best by walking the walk.


image of Arizona labyrinth photo by LTourloukis|Describe the labyrinth. Use images, words, and ideas that you might tell another when describing the labyrinth. It is often confusing to explain as it is a tool of experiential wisdom, so grasping the concept is often better achieved through the walking activity and participation, though that is only one description.

Explore the many ways you have described it to others, and how you understand its use, application, and existence yourself. We can learn much from hearing the descriptions of others.

Try out a few descriptions with others or host a walk and share the different ways that each finds a description. Whether you are a seasoned professional with the labyrinth or someone just starting out, everyone can learn and all can share and add to our collective wisdom.  Read More about our 2020 Walk the Walk objectives this year. 


  1. Share your description and include an image to enhance your meaning. You will have enhanced the meaning for someone else! That is what this year is all about, adding your wisdom and walking your walk.
  2.  Read the daily descriptions -follow the blog and be more informed about the many ways we understand and appreciate the labyrinth through the varying descriptions.
  3. Join the Mid Month Discussion on January 15th at Noon PST ( 1pm MST • 2pm CST • 3pm EST) Join in the monthly discussion at mid-month to share what you have learned and to add something for the rest of the month.


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