A New Day, Year, and Decade Begins

Grace of the Desert, Nevada

Blessings for the best of the New Day, Year, and Decade!

We arrive at a new beginning today, fresh with wonder and hopefulness. Some are eager to leave the past year behind and some are unsure of what more this direction will bring.  A labyrinth is a tool for a movement that helps us to move past where we are stuck or have plateaued and into something we may not have realized before. It is also a great example of beginnings and endings. Where one begins is also an ending. As a walk completes it is always returned to our old beginning. The liminal space between the two is where the magic of the labyrinth creates a new reality.

As we are looking for your descriptions of the labyrinth this month as part of how we walk the walk all year, the idea of the beginnings and endings may add something to your new beginning this year.  Two years ago this labyrinth served to produce a year of extraordinary insight, walking it this morning didn’t offer the quick insight of the past, yet ideas have been trickling out throughout the day as a result of the mornings walk in pleasant ways.

May your year be in step with your walk. #walkthewalk


The New Year’s Direction is called “Walk the Walk” and its objective is to connect the wisdom of the Labyrinth Society with more who want to know how and why it can be beneficial or insightful to walk the walk.

Monthly themes will help us to embrace the wisdom of the labyrinth and offer a way to give a little and take something away. January’s theme offers us the chance to share how we describe the labyrinth to ourselves and others. It can be different for everyone.

To put your best foot forward and get in step with this new direction, read more and dive into the legacy that is the labyrinth.


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