Two Years Day of 2020

Day 2 of 2020 a flour finger-walking experience is created.

The second day of the New Year pales in comparison to the first with all its fanfare. Its a more realistic and relaxed day to hopefully migrate into all the newness in simple steps. We didn’t make Christmas cookies this year, and with the arrival of my favorite and only son tomorrow, a quick batch of lovin from the oven seemed in order. Waiting for the temperature to rise, the extra flour and I had time to doodle. 

Describing the labyrinth is a focus for January in the Walk the Walk program this year, and it offers a thoughtful contemplation, as the labyrinth is often many things. Today this path of flour became a tool of efficiency. Made up of what was readily available, this finger-walking flour design offered ease of adaptation, the usefulness of time, and a little playful creativity. It also became a handy tool for developing patterns, as the moveability of the flour adds and subtracts the lines and structure quickly. 

On this Two-Year’s day, we get a description and a tip to understand this path of possibilities a little better.

Lynda Tourloukis
365 Experience Coordinator


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2 thoughts on “Two Years Day of 2020

  1. Johanna Manasse

    This post is clever and challenging. How many simple tasks of daily life can lead to labyrinthine activities? Over Christmas I played with ribbons to create a classical labyrinth. Wish I had photographed it. This post raised my awareness once again to look close to home for the extraordinary. Thanks for the reminder.

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