image of Arizona labyrinth photo by LTourloukisThis blog serves as a tool for those interested in the labyrinth and ways to apply it in their lives personally, professionally or with greater purpose. The TLS 365 Experience is affiliated with the Labyrinth Society.  It was designed to give members and enthusiasts an opportunity to know the tool of the labyrinth more insightfully from the sharing of those who know it best. This year our theme for 2018 is based on the honesty that comes from our experience with the labyrinth and expands our understanding and capacity.

Whether we simply walk in and find a connection, or share it with others, we learn something personally each time we engage. Whether you are just coming into this for the theme, or are new to the labyrinth or are experienced Facilitators, Teachers, Artists, Designers, Builders, Family Members or Friends, the message and meaning in this path of possibilities is expansive.  Our community finds honesty in the labyrinth regularly, we communicate it, develop from it and offer it to others for a unique discovery, so it reasons that the most pure form of giving is in the honesty we discover from it.

Join us in this year of Contribution and learning to walk the world and discover the ways in which we give and receive to and from this great world of ours. With all the questions the prior year held for many in purpose or practice, this year provides a way to declare what is true, brush off a conditioned sense of what was and step into the light of the labyrinth to discover more of what is in store for ourselves independently or for the collective of Humanity.  There are daily posts on this blog with a daily suggestion to walk with and explore.  For those who want more a discussion will be available at mid-month in a podcast to discover what we have created with each month’s theme and quarterly focus and where we are going with the rest of the month on a higher path.

Read, share and be inspired with your discoveries and make this experience richer by how you add your voice to ours. Send it to the Designer and Coordinator of the 365 Experience, Lynda Tourloukis  365Experience@labyrinthsociety.org



The 365 Experience is preceded by the 365 Club, which began in the late 1990s to support those dedicated to the daily pilgrimage. The focus shifted in 2011 with new leadership to support and offer education and resource to the club members.

In 2016 the desire to move from exclusivity to inclusivity and integrate the wisdom of the members and enthusiasts as a think tank from the variety of ways in which it is used around the world inspired the 365 Experience.  It has been offered since January 1, 2017, daily on the TLS Website, Facebook Page and this blog, with the idea to share the wisdom that was shared in tips, techniques, methods, design, and facilitation. Enthusiastically received for its expansive reach, the 365 Experience kicked off with daily submissions from its members and fans.

Questions can be directed to the TLS 365 Developer and Coordinator Lynda Tourloukis, 365Experience@labyrinthsociety.org

The TLS 365 Experience:
Be a Part of the Theme for 2020: Walk the Walk

1. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Be Inspired:
Receive the TLS 365 Experience Blog

This Blog: https://tls365experience.wordpress.com

2. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

Share Your Labyrinth Experience

Share your Experience: https://labyrinthsociety.org/share-your-experience. The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

Give and we grow, Receive and we glow.
Thanks for sharing! 

May your path provide prosperity,

2014-06-03 21.14.46






Lynda Tourloukis
365 Experience Coordinator
Labyrinth Society

Lynda Tourloukis has been an avid devotee of the curious labyrinth since 2005. She has served as the TLS 365 Club Chair since 2011 sharing and developing the club for its members. In 2016, she developed the TLS 365 Experience to be a more useful and inclusive concept by the wisdom and for the wisdom of the Labyrinth Society, its members, labyrinth professionals and labyrinth enthusiasts everywhere. Her annual themes stem from a diverse and rich background in leadership and human potential.

Read the Daily Blog    •    Share Your Experiences    •    About the 365 Experience    •
2020 Walk the Walk  •  Monthly Themes •  Mid Month Dialogues  •
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More Information about the Labyrinth Society 365 Experience


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