To Create, Just Ask

To create community, just ask

There just might be new labyrinth friends right around the corner, I discovered both the power of growing a community has a lot to do with the power of just asking…  

Our new Stanwood (Washington) Labyrinth Committee was formed last fall and is working towards a permanent labyrinth in a new city park within the next few years, with total and enthusiastic support from the city! They even offered us the use of a Planner to sit in on our meetings!

The latest exciting development is that our beautiful new YMCA has enthusiastically agreed to host a World Labyrinth Day celebration and space to organize to develop a special Family Day that is both free and open to the public. They are dedicating the gyms for walking multiple labyrinths, a community room for showing the TLS video, a room for talks and refreshments, and space for kids’ activities.

It’s amazing, all I did was ask and look at what I received.

So who can you ask?…..

Today’s Contribution Submitted by:
Judy Mieger, Labyrinth Facilitator and Enthusiast
Washington State

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The 365 Experience Begins

Our Journey has begun. Today March 1st marks the new beginning where the transformation from exclusive club (365 Club) moves to inclusive Experience. In this method, we invite all to be more aware, educated, applicable and contributive in the ways and meanings of the labyrinth. The first quarter sparks awareness and where the daily message shares a contributor’s experience, the opportunity to use that experience and share your own is great and giving. This helps the experience to be a wonderfully recycling opportunity. I shared the first experience as its designer and developer. 

March 1, 2017
#1 The Breath of Awareness

Welcome to the first day of the 365 Experience. Our very first sharing offers a way to walk with New Beginnings. Please experience it in the way that most appeals to you.

halfbreathawarenessAs you come to walk the labyrinth, stand in the gateway of it’s beginning and invite yourself to a place of “New Beginnings”.  Use your breath as a tool of guidance and awareness, inhaling any thought that pops up to join you along a length of the path that extends before you, and exhaling a release of the thought with your breath as the automatic point of turning offers you a new direction.

As you arrive in the center, bring your attention to your body response. Experience the pace, depth and the way your body responds to both new breath inward and the way in which you exhale your breath’s completion. Continue your walk as you are internally prompted.

As the mind relaxes and the body notices it’s own flow, allow the awareness to expand to your soul and spirit in the reflective return of your journey. With each outward step, reflect on the inward wholeness that develops as the soul merges the mind with matter.

Today’s Contribution by:
Lynda Tourloukis, Designer, Facilitator, Developer
TLS365 Experience Coordinator

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Happy World Labyrinth Day

World Labyrinth Day... walk the world as one at one pm

Walk the World as One…

Today marks the presence of the labyrinth in the world as a global consciousness forms to celebrate this unique tool of reflection and insight.

It is World Labyrinth Day and today marks the fifth anniversary of its inception. Years ago members of the labyrinth society gathered to form a focus to grow labyrinth awareness in the world and for a spot of time it was recognized. In 2009 Dr. Stephanie Blackton rallied the concept and brought the idea back into our presence and the lead has shifted to Carol House of the labyrinth society to keep the path alive.

This year an overwhelming support is happening and the wave in the world of walkers began yesterday as noted by this Chicago author and will continue with energy and presence around the world.

What is significant is that there is a a lot of feeling attached to the labyrinth whether it is thought of as energetic, numerically connective or spiritual and that type of consciousness is flowing today. A theme I came up with in 2009 was to walk the world as one at one. At one pm in whatever time zone a person might be located, there would be movement. It wasn’t a new concept for me as I have done this with other programs and purposes so I was happy it was universally accepted by the committee that Stephanie put together.

I also designed this image for the world to share as to me..for just one day we might be as one with our thoughts and that might simply spread to all those we would come in contact. On a global level that is large to consider. May we be that present and fortunate to glow in that knowing!

Walk as one,

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The Meandering Heart

The Meandering Heart

The Meandering Heart

Today was a day to simply flow back and forth and in curious search of the small steps forward, there was a meandering tone to it all. A labyrinth doesn’t have to be about elaborate crossroads and conversions, sometimes it is just a flowing pathway that winds and unwinds at the same time.

We are reminded in a meander of the medicine of the snake and a reflection that this in this year of the snake, we may have more opportunities to simply wind our way through things. Done with heart it has an effect like the tides of water…ebb and flow.

I found myself doodling as I was writing and thinking of a few things and I soon realized I had made a serpentine line running down the page and hearts on the other side of the page and with a wondering soul I ended up winding around the hearts and soon realized I had a nice little reminder of what it is to walk with heart…hearts in this case.

I can see this image in the ground with a swell of nature along the paths encircling the hearts. It is the mindlessness nature we seek that brought about this heart walk today…

What’s your heart intention for today?

Have Heart,


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