Lynda Tourloukis

Lynda TourloukisLynda Tourloukis has evolved her understanding and wisdom of the labyrinth by applying it extensively and sharing it richly with others. She has educated internationally, designed globally, and has created leadership for the local community and as a part of the Labyrinth Society since 2005. Her TLS leadership began as the 365 Club Chair began in 2011 and seeing a need for more inclusivity, expanded the concept to encourage inclusivity and education for potential members as well as creating a vehicle for existing members to educate and apply the labyrinth in a variety of methods for modern applications. The 365 Experience is a recycling vehicle of wisdom by its members and for its members and potential interest.

Lynda’s vast creativity utilizes the labyrinth in developing designs, programs, artwork, writing, education, and expanding the human beyond potential. Her contributions to the world evolve individuals and groups through personal explorative guidance, coaching, training, and leadership. Her specialties educate emotional and sensory experiences. Her methods and tools invite the expansiveness of play as exploration, laughter as an insightful resource, language for relationship communication, and the labyrinth for the insightful metaphorical reflection, patterning, and creative applications.

She is a speaker, facilitator, author, developer, designer and insightful guide for human development with a perspective that reminds us that we were designed with joy in mind. Her creative pursuits include hundreds of unique labyrinth designs and applications.

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