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Two to One

TLS 365 Experience #232
October 18, 2017

The labyrinth’s message may be internal though externally is where it shows up. Like night and day the two sides are equally balanced as we move in and out in what appears to be a system of duality.  It is the wholeness of the experience that offers us a oneness in the completion of both parts.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Kay Subrick, Labyrinth Facilitator

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Give
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2. Receive
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The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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A Long Walk

TLS 365 Experience #111
June 19, 2017

The Long Walk It seemed like such a long walk.
I was tired and here to walk the labyrinth with a friend. She asked if I would come with and where I had not walked a labyrinth before, I humored her and came along even though all parts of me longed to be elsewhere.

As I stood by contemplating my turn and waiting for the opening, it seemed like a really long walk that didn’t seem to end anywhere. As my turn came I joined in and stepped into this interesting circle. I looked down mostly to keep my balance and make sure my feet knew where to step and where not too. It became easier when I realized the only thing we had to do was follow the path.  I relaxed and enjoyed the outdoors and soon found my movement lighter and flowing and before long I had reached the center. Not long at all.

Years later I reflect back on that first long walk and my initial interpretation. Where I was resistance, the labyrinth’s turns and patterns relaxed and invited. What seemed so long so many years ago now seems so short… Am I done already?

Today’s Experience submitted:
F.Ritz, Labyrinth Facilitator

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

2. Receive
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The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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Day One… The Game is on

We are playing… The 12 Days of Labyrinths Game
12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
The Game and How to Play
Preparations…12 Things that Matter
Preparations…12 Gifts, Talents or Abilities
Preparations…12 People of Influence

On the first Day of Labyrinths

Number1Recall that you will find a new way to walk a labyrinth today, enjoy the adventure in creativity and remember, keep it simple. If it seems difficult, ask yourself what a five year old might do… they are experts in playfulness.

Number2Once the labyrinth for the day is discovered… consider your 12 list of items of importance, what one item pops up first? Go with it, let go of overthinking as your first thought’s usually right and a whole lot more honest about what’s on your mind.

Number3Walk in with this importance while you explore and experience your walk. As you come to your center, what skill, talent or ability comes to mind. Take the first thing that pops up from the list you made. Observe the relationship between what is important and your ability as you center yourself.

Number4As you prepare to return in your walk of reflection, who of your people of influence comes to mind. Walking along be with the equation you have created and notice your experience of it. There is no right or wrong and it is all made up by you. Recall that you also created a few rules to help you in the play, you know you best.


My first day brought me to experience the labyrinth at the Huntridge Neighborhood Park. I found it by using a combination of the World Wide Labyrinth Locator and Google to search for area labyrinths. They were present, though small in number, and fairly spread out. This one however seemed to be right up my alley for getting outside today.

As the morning began at 3am and I did not follow my first thought of going out early to bypass traffic, I settled for a late afternoon walk. I also found I bypassed the park as it came up too sudden to traffic with the accumulation of motorists in passage. Like the mornings missed opportunity, not a radical departure in my day, though bypassing the entrance and coming in the opposite way I couldn’t help but notice a trend of metaphors lining up, especially when I didn’t realize I had bypassed where the entrance actually was (to my credit there were two places for entry).

HuntridgeEntering the first thought of what mattered to me, Love was instant and without question. I guess when we consider the nature of love, if we are honest, it will always come first in what matters. For me there were some new questions, some healing transitions and some steadfast assurities. Right away a new person in my life popped up and I had to walk further to consider what this meant as the obvious was not a given as answers go. This was a person of influence on my list as the love shown me recognized many things and remained honorable and in the realm of great love for humanity. The aspect of being in love, meant just that, being in the state of love.

When it came to the reflective period the questions I had pursued my with my mind insisting on answers, drove a curious feeling. I had to stop again to recall the question and realized in one hand I had a situation I didn’t understand fully and a person that I wasn’t sure fit that circumstance, and then I dropped my iPad on my foot where the angled corner did a spectacular nose dive directly toward  the small bones in the joint of my second toe.

Huntridge2I was determined to walk, even with pain and soon it too bypassed as a feeling of self care was showered upon me. I was suddenly reminded of the the third element of the game, my abilities. I was a problem solver and was simply bypassing the obvious in search of a more complex and unique introspection, after all this was a game of putting the pieces together, letting of of what doesn’t work and a reflection of what the year past brought.

Vibrationally I remembered all this, stepped taller into that responsibility on the path and knew all was well. My direction had been found, what mattered was present, my abilities true and the person of influence succeeded in being even more significant in my life by just recalling the gift they carried.

The equation for this first day of the game appears to be in happy balance. 

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Peace at Last

Abode of Peace Labyrinth

The Abode of Peace Labyrinth in Georgetown, CA

It is the last day of our focus on Peace for the month of September. We close the month considering the many thoughts, the many actions and the many results we may have considered and created in the month. It feels good to have at month’s end, a look back to realize what is possible when we use intention or have focus.

It gives peace of mind to know that what we start out with can have achievement when we take action to make it so. It is like the daily walk, having one foot in front of the other begins the process. Continuation allows us a bit more investment and expansion and soon we are strolling along with all kinds of extra benefits we didn’t think possible.

We all know the struggle of non accomplishment that is often rifled with the emotions of guilt and a host of various excuses as to why we may not have accomplished something we very much said we wanted. There is usually something else at work that derails us and to know peace is to go beyond the struggle and the resistance into the place that simply honors what is true. It allows us to get above our story and redesign with simplicity and honesty that which suits us.

All month may have been a bit of the resistance in one small way or another, though each is a lesson of learning and like anything we practice, we play the best game in the end. So do consider from the month of learning and discovery just what it is that was successful.

What ways can we evaluate our production of peace? Count the blessings, the wins and all the things we may be grateful for and those are the small moments of peace. We may be surprised to find how many there are when we stop worry about what we didn’t do.

Peace is ever present and ready for our use, though to use it on another or for an experience, simply become the very aspect of it ourselves and we will have the best education ever.

Harmonize, blend, balance and surrender… peace be with all.

“Every day we do things, we are things that have to do with peace. If we are aware of our life…, our way of looking at things, we will know how to make peace right in the moment, we are alive.”
Thich Nhat Hahn

Enjoy the music and video of the building of the Abode of Peace Labyrinth for the Yoga Retreat Center by David Blonski.

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Seasonal Shifting

Today marks the 101st post to our site… YAY!

Rain Forest Labyrinth

A Private Labyrinth in the El Yunque Rain Forest of Puerto Rico

While the walk is daily, the posts are random and seem to flow with the ebb and tides of my year’s perspective. Running at one pace and almost standing still at others. An interesting year of abundance and absence to reflect on in the daily walk.

It seems to flow with the tides of weather as our region has been besieged with storms and flooding that has gone far beyond the realms of Spring when we might naturally know this to occur. The weather and my pace of the year seem to go hand in hand and from what is shared, is much the same for others too.

It is interesting to stop and make notice of what nature is telling us, almost as if it has had enough of us humans and all we mindlessly do to disrupt the natural flow. The uprisings of the natural world are simply a reminder to what we create artificially in the name of advancement and growth, giving us perhaps a chance to have a look and see if what we are doing is truly advancement and a contribution to the world.

As the year progresses, perhaps there can be a bit of balance inserted, one that gives the busy pace a chance to pause for reflection. Maybe then the natural world will find some balance too and find its pace in the hum and buzz of this human world, the one that seeks to find the steps from normal to natural.

May we walk in the sunshine and cleanse in the rain

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Balancing the Heart with Art

This caught my eye as it is designed with a feminine presence in mind. It also shares a message of balance and when combining the two, we can remember that when the feminine is in balance it  is a benefit to the world.

It brings to mind the saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.  Having lived it as mother and child, from my perspective it is so true.

This design is actually an artistic expression with a therapeutic use. How interesting the designs with specific uses in mind!

Of course this is from my perspective, though I see the arms uplifting wide in expression balancing with intention to uplift the world in embrace, while declaring a positive femininity with its bold red color. It is the soft shape of the lines being somewhat irregular and human and the curvature that molds the internal to the external and vice versa that intrigues.

Expression, intention and a call for contribution come to mind with this design, it does remind me that there are expressions each of these labyrinths make. Beyond the heart focus is the dialogue of the creator who molded and shaped it and I believe with heart.  That is a focus to walk with, the heart of the inventor.

Enjoying the creative soul on this last day of February. May the walks of heart we’ve enjoyed together pump up more pleasurable possibilities into this day and this remainder of our year.

In Bliss,


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