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Bless and Be Blessed

TLS 365 Experience #172
Aug. 19, 2017

I had a lot on my mind as I went out for a walk, all family oriented. By the church there was a labyrinth I would pass on my walk and at times it intrigued me enough to walk and at other times I preferred to walk the terrain to where I was going and back again. In walking today, I thought I would invite the family and when I came to the where the church was in my walk, the labyrinth seemed to be my path of progression.

I recognized right away that the separate paths were walks with different family members and now understand why the labyrinth drew me in.  As I brought up the conversation of one, it led into the conversation of the next family member until I had reached a point of conclusion in the center. There I noticed what was similar in all and how everyone of them could benefit by my blessing and not my confusion.

As I walked back out, each path was a family member’s blessing and when I came to the end, just being in the blessing mode made me feel the blessings too. Grateful for this walk.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
S. Tomas,  Labyrinth Enthusiast

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